The Cambrai Apocalypse
The Exquisite Art of Carolingian Illumination

Quaternio Editions Luzern is publishing the most beautiful Carolingian Apocalypse. Produced more than 1100 years ago, the illuminations still astonish us with their fresh, luminous colours. Page after page is ornamented with full-page miniatures that translate St. John’s prophetic visions in the last book of the Bible into powerful images. In the ninth-century Cambrai Apocalypse the art of late Antiquity comes alive.

This is the first time ever that scholars have worked through this unique treasure, and also the first time a facsimile edition of it will be available. The Cambrai Apocalypse is a masterpiece of Carolingian illumination and one of the oldest surviving illustrated Apocalypses anywhere in the world. Discover this unique visual world for yourself, here and now!

With the portfolio containing a two-page spread from the fine art facsimile edition, you can bring home a taste of this exquisite volume.

Ask for your advantageous prepayment price valid until June 30, 2016.

The Peterborough Psalter – now available!

The fine art facsimile edition of the Peterborough Psalter is available! Exactly like in the original the palpably raised gold calligraphy stands out on every leaf of the Peterborough Psalter. On the specially treated, parchment-style paper, the sparkling raised gold lettering lends the facsimile edition even greater vitality. Quaternio Editions Luzern has set a milestone in the art of making facsimiles really true-to-the-original.

See for yourself and order the documentation kit for trial.

A "royal" fine art facsimile edition from Lucerne:
The Sobieski Hours

The Bedford Master was one of the most prominent French Gothic illuminators and his work enthuses art historians and admirers of illuminated manuscripts worldwide. A unique Gothic book of hours from his workshop is preserved in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle: the Sobieski Hours.

This magnificent manuscript was produced in Paris at the zenith of Gothic illumination, and has been kept for two centuries in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. It is part of the British Royal Collection, which Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, preserves for the British nation. Now, working in close collaboration with the Royal Library, Quaternio Lucerne will be able to provide access to this unusual manuscript in the form of a faithful facsimile edition.



The Sobieski Hours contains 60 full-page miniatures and more than 400 narrative scenes, as well as an illuminated border on all four sides of every text page. It is a major undertaking to reproduce the superb palette of the 234 folios of the original. Particular attention is being given to reproducing the different types of gold decoration: laid and powdered gold, and the minute patterns incised with a fine point on details such as haloes.

Discover the most fascinating of French Gothic illuminated manuscripts! Imagine it for yourself by ordering and previewing the informative documentation kit, which contains three full-sized leaves from the fine art facsimile edition, for fourteen days.

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Bilderwelten – Buchmalerei zwischen Mittelalter und Neuzeit

Exhibition at the Bavarian State Library
From 13 April 2016 onward

A three-part exhibition at the Bavarian State Library in Munich will feature a representative cross-section of its many gems of late medieval and early Renaissance German illumination. Among them are high-quality examples, some of which will be on public display for the first time.

Quaternio Editions Luzern has published the opulently illustrated exhibition catalogue.

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Schatzkammern (1. OG)
Ludwigstraße 16
80539 München
Mo–Fr 10:00–17:00 Uhr
Do 10:00–20:00 Uhr

To all lovers of Calligraphy and Drawing:
Discover for the first time the Gothic Alphabet of Mary of Burgundy


Elegant, ornamental lettering and the most delightful drawings join with medieval epigrams to constitute the irresistible charm of Mary of Burgundy’s 48-page calligraphy book.

Find out more on this bibliophilic art book edition

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